TeamUIX was formed when the original tHc merged with Team BSX to work on their XboxDashNext project which evolved into User.Interface.X

We're a group comprised of the remaining IRC staff, skinners, and script editors of TeamUIX who have kept in contact over the last few years.

Lately we've seen a resurgence in the Xbox Scene, and noticed a lot of stuff has practically been erased from the internet. We're trying to rebuild for the historical aspect.

We're not going to pretend like we had the best software (it was pretty cool though), or skins(they're awesome, and complex.), or even mods(fuckin' DNA chains!?).

We're coming out of our hobbit holes to provide some insight into one of the sub-scenes of Original Xbox Modification.

If you or anyone you know was associated with Team UIX please reach out to Milenko on the original xbox discord.

If you have skins or modifications to the original Xbox Dashboard, tHc, BSX, or UIX, please consider reaching out as well.

These downloads are for ease of access, and archival purposes. No XDK compiled software is available on this server. Check the usual places.

Files such as tools/skins are being added as we recover them from media. Tutorials will be transcribed from notes and archives.

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer, and hopefully it piques someones interest!

Update: 4/10/2020

After a generous donation of archives by a user named headph0ne, we now have the following:

51 Skins for BSX 28 for tHc lite 72 for tHc original (minor modification and they can be used on lite) and a whopping 180 give or take for UIX!

If you notice any duplicates, or an error in where they were put. Let Milenko know on the discord.