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  1. General Discussion

    1. Announcements

      News and specialized announcements pertaining to Original Xbox and TeamUIX projects. News and updates will be found here.

    2. General Discussion

      A general discussion forum.

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    3. History Lessons

      Topics pertaining to history lessons about the Xbox Scene and Dashboard Modification will be housed here. Be civil.

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  2. Support Desk

    1. tHc and tHc Lite

      While tHc and tHc Lite are fairly old, many people are still curious about them. Very early modification projects for the Original Xbox Dashboard, and very popular for its time.

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    2. User.Interface.X

      User.Interface.X (Shortened to UIX) was a source and script modification of the original Xbox Dashboard resulting from the merger of two teams, Team Xboxdash who made tHc and Team BlackstormX who made BSX. No binaries can be distributed on these forums, but we'll share the story and support it's users.

    3. UIX Lite

      UIX Lite is a dashboard modification of the Xbox Dashboard. A rebuild of User.Interface.X. Started as a will it work project in early 2020 it quickly became an out of retirement project for many members of the Xbox Scene and UIX community.

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